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Volunteer Spotlight

The Boggs School is excited to highlight volunteers who have gone above and beyond in helping us in our work!

MAY 2016

Thank you to Julie Weatherhead for her volunteer work with our older students! Julie works as a K-12 school counselor and has been in and out of Detroit for nine years, now finally to stay. She loves volunteering at the Boggs School as it is the first Detroit school community as a counselor and volunteer that she has been able to become a part of, and she is very thankful for that. She says the students and the staff are bright lights in her day.



A big thanks goes to Hank Rosman! "Uncle Hank" supports Ms. Janelle's students with math work once a week and also helps out with field trips. He is a practicing cardiologist at St. John Hospital and a Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University. He served as the Program Director of Cardiology Training for 27 years, retiring this year and taking on the role of Associate Program Director. He feels lucky to be part of the Boggs School community. He likes the kids, the staff, and the shared goal of working hard to do something special. In true Boggs spirit, Hank enjoys the struggle of figuring out how to be helpful.


Another big thanks goes to Paige Watkins! Paige volunteers in any capactiy in which she is needed at the school. She is a Wayne State graduate, co-founder of the Black Bottom Archives (, and co-chair of the Detroit chapter of the Black Youth Project 100 ( Paige loves Black people, Detroit, and education and is passionate about pursuing interests - personal and professional - that allow her to work with and around issues and communities she loves. Paige says, "The Boggs School is awesome, simply put. Since first being introduced this summer at the internship, I have appreciated the school, its staff, and its teachers so much for the way they reach and teach their students, cultivating a deep sense of community and fostering relationshiops of love that I never saw in the schools I attended growing up. I volunteer at Boggs because I recognize how special of a place it is and I want to do my part, supporting how and when I can. If that means stuffing envelopes after school or helping with math groups during the day, I'm excited about the time I get to spend in the building with the students and in community with the Boggs family."

Thank you to ALL of our Boggs School volunteers! We couldn't do this hard work without you!


MAY 2015


A big thanks to volunteer Natalie Davis! Natalie is a proud Detroiter and strong supporter of the Boggs School. She volunteers in Ms. Janelle’s class each week and leads the Sister Circle group after school on Wednesdays. Visiting the Boggs School is one of the highlights of her week - the enthusiasm and energy of the students and staff serve as a reminder that change is possible and that we have a wealth of resources in the community with the capacity to serve, uplift, agitate, and drive those changes. Natalie feels honored and privileged to be a part of such a powerful school community.  Natalie is a graduate student at the University of Michigan in the School of Education. Her current work includes research looking at the intersection(s) between K-12 education and activism, as well as teaching courses on community engagement and culturally relevant instruction. Prior to returning to school, Natalie served as a 3rd grade teacher in an African-centered school on the Southside of Chicago. 

Another big thanks to Mike Doan and Ami Harbin! Mike and Ami volunteer weekly in Ms. Christina's kindergarten.  They are regular fixtures in the Rainbow room and can be spotted practicing math fact and sight words, building with blocks, or just sitting on the floor playing with kids!


MARCH 2015

Please help us in thanking Mr. Bobby, Mr. Soh, and Ms. Sophie!

Bobby comes in every morning to help supervise breakfast in the Painted Turtles Room and to fill their daily snack bags.  He helps out in the cafeteria space by washing rags and refilling wash water. He also comes in once a week after school to teach Chess Club. We appreciate Bobby for waking up early and doing jobs no one else wants to do!

Soh comes in every Monday morning to help Ms. Christina in the Rainbow Room by washing out all of the students' water bottles.  We appreciate Soh for taking this responsiblity off of Ms. Christina's list and helping support health and sustainable living habits!  Soh also contributes a great deal of time and energy by sitting on our School Board, including chairing multiple committees.  

Sophie comes in once a week to help Ms. Christina in the Rainbow Room.  She works with students, helps with set-up and snacks, and supports Ms. Christina's lessons.  We appreciate Sophie for being willing to do anything and everything needed at any given moment!

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!  We couldn't do it without you!!!


MAY 2014

Stephanie Luckadoo

Stephanie has been an incredible help to the Painted Turtles class.  Students love to read with her, work wh her at literacy stations, and play with her at recess.  She is always patient and kind, and she helps kids to do their very best.  She also personally purchased and donated an incredible collection of books that really boosted the class's nonfiction unit.  Thank you, Stephanie!



Lance Hicks

Lance Hicks has been kind enough to assist one of our school families having transportation issues by picking up one of our little friends every morning and bringing him to school.  We are so lucky to have friends like Lance who understand and support our mission, stepping up to keep our school family together during challenging times.  And after talking with Lance, we've learned that he enjoys their drives together as much as our student does!



Mr. Doc Holbrooke

Mr. Doc Holbrooke has volunteered as our greeter for the past few months, opening the door and giving a warm greeting to each student, family member, and staff person as they arrive.  We all know how a warm "hello" can set the tone for the day, so we thank Doc for waking up early each morning to bring his positive energy to our school community!



Ms. Pat Jones


Ms. Pat Jones has been our star classroom volunteer, literally since Day 1! Ms. Pat volunteers in the Rainbow Room three days a week, helping the Kindergarteners with mealtime, recess, projects at their tables, and more. She occasionally reads books aloud to the students and has formed special bonds with them.  She is great at talking to students when they are facing difficulty. The Rainbow Room would not be what it is today without the help that Ms. Pat has so generously given over the past few months! 




Lee Brackney


Lee has been an outstanding Boggs School volunteer. During the months leading up to the school opening, she cleaned the windows in the library and helped to organize the many books in the library. Since the start of the school year, she has been instrumental in getting the family resource room ready by donating brochure racks and a whiteboard. She offers weekly computer help on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the family resource room so that individuals can use the internet, set up email accounts, search for jobs, write resumes, and navigate government websites. We are very grateful for all the hours and commitment Lee Brackney has devoted to making the first year of the Boggs School a huge success!




Kristian Bailey and Molly Cunningham


Kristian and Molly served as interns for the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership this summer. Both are interested in transformative organizing taking place in the city of Detroit. They were some of our most amazing summer volunteers! On the hottest of days, Molly and Kristian were out in the sun with us pulling weeds out of the sidewalk and playground. They canvassed with us in the neighborhood to meet residents and talk with families about the Boggs School. Kristian gave the Boggs School interns a tour of Field Street, near the home of Grace Lee Boggs. We could not have made the progress we did this summer without Kristian and Molly's energy and generous spirit of giving!


JUNE 2013

Today we are happy to recognize the extraordinary efforts of THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN'S SEMESTER IN DETROIT STUDENTS.

 Semester in Detroit combines a semester-long residents in Detroit with rigorous academic study and a community-based internship.

Many of the Semester in Detroit students helped in our door-to-door canvassing effort and did a great job talking with neighborhood residents about the school. Sam Oliver was our expert facepainter at the Boggs School Family Fun Day & BBQ. He also led the Boggs School poster blitz to increase the visibility of the school around the east side of Detroit. Dillon Horne helped greet people at the Family Fun Day and passed out Boggs School brochures as a way of introducing the school. Finally, Cassie Stanzler will be helping with community outreach one day a week starting early July.





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