Are There Any Neighborhood Schools Left in Detroit?

What's old is new again.  As our team tries to reimagine the idea of the neighborhood school, we have had to examine what issues the decline in this idea has created in Detroit, specifically in Islandview Village.  Members of the Islandview community have expressed their frustration with the assertion that a decreasing number of children in the area was responsible for the decision to close Bellevue in 2005.  Through our demographic research, conversations with Islandview neighbors, and walk-throughs of the neighborhood, we have learned that there are currently many children in the area and almost all attend school outside of the neighborhood.  In addition to challenges with transportation and access in such a system, the creation of a district of schools-of-choice and a loose network of charter schools has led to the loss of the school as the community hub.

Check out education analyst Kelly Goodman's entry on Data Driven Detroit's "Block by Block" blog:


Here is a scaleable view of the student dispersion map for Islandview: