Progress Timeline

May 2008

ProjectEducation313, our original visioning collective, holds its first meeting at the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership on Field St.

Grace Lee Boggs
February 2009

Presented our vision to Grace Lee Boggs, who agreed to let us use her name as long as we promised to "see beyond what we even believed to be possible." Partnered with the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership as a our fiduciary sponsor. 

March 2009 to June 2009

Developed a study curriculum around Place-Based Education, researched progressive governance structures, designed a logo, and published our website.

Grace Lee Boggs with birthday cake
July 2009

Launched the concept of the Boggs School to the community at Grace Lee Boggs' 94th birthday celebration!

December 2009

Held our first annual retreat to begin to think about the purpose of education and what role a community-based school could play in the city of Detroit.

Julia Putnam presenting the project
January 2010 to February 2010

Assembled our facilities search team with a focus on North Corktown and Core City.  Presented vision for the school at Corktown residents council meeting and surveyed attendees on their educational desires.

July 2010

Shared the Boggs School concept with community organizations. Researched shared governance structures and shared decision making models.

The team at the second BEC retreat
August 2010

Held our second annual work retreat to develop a decision making model that includes the voices of students, parents, instructors and staff and supports the quality and efficiency of our programming. Identified governance structure principles.

Skillman Foundation Good Neighborhoods
October 2010 to December 2010

Were awarded a charter schools planning grant from the Michigan Department of Education and a planning grant from the Skillman Foundation. Founded the Boggs Educational Center Project Team as a nonprofit organization, with Shayla Griffin, Jackie Victor, and Janice Fialka as founding Board members.

February 2011

Attended and presented our progress at the North Dakota Study Group annual conference.  Evaluated over 70 potential school sites for viabillity.

August 2011

Held our 3rd annual work retreat in Minden City.

December 2011

Hosted a fundraiser and celebration of the new year at the Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation.

January 2012

Turned search toward Islandview Village neighborhood on Detroit's East Side and identified target facility.

March 2012

Awarded W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant for urban agriculture and local food program.

March 2012

Met with Grace Lee Boggs and Maya Soetoro-Ng, educator, community-based education activist, and sister of President Obama.

July 2012

Participated in Grace Lee Boggs' 97th birthday celebration at the Charles H. Wright Museum.

July 2012

Julia attends a week-long program at the National Principals' Leadership Institute in New York City as an Excellent Schools Detroit leadership fellow.

July 2012

Hosted the Reimagining Education event as part of the Detroit2012 celebration with over 150 people in attendance.

August 2012

Instituted our first six-week intensive community internship for a diverse group of young people.

October 2012

Held fourth annual work retreat in Minden City.  Refined "Core Ideology," including core values and purposes.

October 2012

Awarded charter by Eastern Michigan University!

June 2013

Signed a lease on the historic Sophie Wright Settlement House on Detroit's near east side and began a seven-week renovation that concluded on the first day of school.

July 2013

Held our fifth annual retreat in Lake Orion, Michigan, this time with our teaching staff, to orient ourselves on our history, mission, and core ideology, and make plans for moving forward as a team.

August 2013

The James and Grace Lee Boggs opens its doors to 30 students and their families!!!

March 2014

Held our first annual Boggs Day, celebrating the lives and legacies of our namesakes, Jimmy and Grace Boggs.

October 2015

Our dear friend and mentor, Grace Lee Boggs, passed away at the age of 100. In her words, she still had all of her marbles through her last day. Our school community misses her deeply.