Kamari's 8th Grade Ceremony Speech

Delivered June 13, 2018
Jam Handy Building, Detroit, Michigan
Kamari was chosen by her classmates to speak on their behalf. She did not seek adult help in preparing this speech.


I’ve been at Boggs since 4th grade.

Think about that - the people at this school have watched me grow from basically an infant to a high-schooler (not that there is much of a difference anyway). At this school, we have been trained to be "solutionaries," to be the change we want to see. Since I’m a part of the first graduating class, it’s my duty to make sure these people are proud of their hard work.

I honestly don’t know who I’d be if I hadn’t gone to Boggs. This school grows on you. Whether you like it here or not, you’re gonna miss it when you leave. I’m proud to be graduating but don’t confuse, I’m not happy to go. If I could go to Boggs College or even high school I would. However, that is not how you grow. Staying in the same place and being comfortable feels nice, but moving on- even if it feels a little uncomfortable- puts you way better off. Change is good, change is amazing- and the fact of the matter is at some point we will all have to go through change. Whether big or small, important or meaningless, joyous or sorrowful. And this is okay.

It took me awhile to realize that people who challenge your mind, character, beliefs, perception, and mental and physical strength are the people you want in your life. The truth is those kinds of people will always push you farther than you thought you could go. The people who push you, love you, they care about you. Because, if they didn’t care, if they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t try. This only proves that growing and developing is not only being okay with your change but encouraging the change of others. And because of that fact I have four pieces of knowledge for the future 8th graders of the Boggs school:

1. 90% of the time you’ll forget the petty beefs that you have. They aren’t worth the grudge, and sometimes you have to move on.

2. You don’t hate anyone EVER. You may dislike someone, but you never hate. It takes a lot of energy to hate someone, energy you could be using for something else.

3. Sometimes you’re going to have to work with someone you don’t like. In those times you have to put the project or end goal above your feelings towards that person. You have to dislike failing more than you dislike them.

4. Last but not least, rebel with a purpose. Don’t protest because it makes you look cool, quirky, or wacky. Because, the truth is, it doesn’t. Protest because you and other people want change and you are trying to get to it.

I walk away hoping only that the future 8th graders of the Boggs school will do great things. This school is no longer a school but a second home, and I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible.

So thank you.

To Ms. Ella for being one of the most hardworking, dedicated teachers I've ever had. And for always being there when I needed you most.

To Ms. Scheherazade for being the realest, most loving person I could count on.

To Ms. Jacinda for being the sweetest and the funniest teacher I’ve had.

To Ms. Whitney for always having the biggest heart and loving us no matter what.

To Ms. Trina for always greeting us with the biggest and brightest smile on your face even when you didn’t feel that way.

To Mr. Terondae for not only being someone we can look up to but who we can relate to.

To Ms. Janelle for always doing your absolute best and pushing us to do so as well.

To Ms. Jasmine for always knowing us, sometimes better than we know ourselves.

To Ms. Ammerah for making us go beyond where we thought we could go, and then a little further.

To Ms. Marisol, Ms. Julia, and Ms. Amanda for being people I have always and will always look up to.

This school will always be a part of me, and I will carry on keeping the things that I’ve learned and the people I’ve met close to my heart.