School Board Members

Katie Robertson, Board Secretary
Katrin Oddleifson Robertson is a teacher educator at the University of Michigan and has been working with undergraduate and graduate students working to become elementary teachers since 2003. Her practice as an educator is to help her students grapple with the question, "What can I do to build a trusting, connected community of learners so that the whole child can thrive in my classroom and that contributes to a more equitable and just society?” Katrin is also a principal and co-director of a nonprofit organization, Wholemindesign, whose vision is to "create a learning environment for educators that engages them as whole-minded, wholehearted designers and supports the evolution of their practice to impact students’ lives with renewed purpose, hope, and joy." Katrin holds a bachelor's degree in art and art history from Oberlin College, a K-8 multiple subjects teaching credential, and a master's degree in curriculum and teacher education from Stanford University. Katrin is honored to be a member of the Boggs School Board and to help support the amazing community of creative problem solvers and Solutionaries who are changing the world.
Lurdes Arambula, Board Member
Lurdes has lived, studied, and worked in the city of Detroit since the time her family moved here from Chicago when she was six. After graduating from Southwestern High School, she studied at the University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne State University. She is involved in various volunteer activities around the city, including with Gleaners Food Bank and Keep Growing Detroit. After working full-time since she was a teenager, she is currently tasked with her most challenging and most rewarding work: managing a household of six. Her children have attended the Boggs School since 2015. Lurdes has been a Board member since 2019, and she is committed to the mission of the Boggs School, most especially the power of diversity and the importance of community.
Courtney Wise Randolph, Board President
Courtney Wise Randolph grew up on Detroit's west side in the Core City neighborhood. She is a freelance writer and audio producer who also runs a small business called Keen Composition, which helps others tell their stories. She is a proud Bison of Howard University and a graduate of Wayne State University. Her toddler is not yet old enough to attend the Boggs School, so she tells all her friends to send their school-aged children instead. Courtney joined the Board in December of 2019 after long being inspired by the Boggs School's students and their impact on the local community.
Kenny Rose, Board Member
Kenny has lived in Detroit for over twenty years, born unexpectedly in Traverse City and raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit. He earned a bachelor's degree from Wayne State in secondary education and a master's degree from Wayne State's School of Social Work. He worked in schools for many years as a substitute teacher, after-school program teacher and coordinator, and tutor. As a social worker, he worked in HIV and LGBTQIA+ health care for 10 years. He is currently fulfilled by his work as a therapist specializing in somatic-based therapeutic strategies. He had the privilege of engaging in early conversations about rethinking education with Grace Lee Boggs and so many others, which ultimately led to the creation of the James and Grace Lee Boggs School. As a new member of the board at the end of 2021, he is excited to support the school's mission in growing our souls to improve the well-being of everyone in our communities.
Soh Suzuki, Board Treasurer
Soh was introduced to Detroit through the planning of the twentieth-year remembrance of the murder of Vincent Chin and then working with Detroit Summer to create a community-based mural in Chinatown. He resided at the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership in his earlier years in Detroit, where he interacted with various organizations and individuals making differences in the city and beyond. Soh was born in California, grew up in Japan, and attended high school in Bloomfield Hills. Soh holds a bachelor's degree in studio art and a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary humanities with a specialization in museum studies from Michigan State University. He currently works with Allied Media Projects and Avalon International Breads. Soh is a founding member of the Boggs School Board.