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October Board Meeting

Our October Board meeting will be held this Wednesday, October 14, 2020, at 6pm on the Zoom platform. This meeting is open to the public. The information for logging in is below:

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Meeting ID: 784 0296 3380

Passcode: T4AcKF


Special Board Meeting

The Boggs School will hold a special Board meeting Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 6:15pm on the Zoom platform. You can find the agenda here.

See login information below:

Meeting ID: 785 0455 5428

Passcode: Zsq7NC


We've Moved!

The Boggs School has moved! We will miss our first home in the wonderful Sophie Wright Settlement House on Mitchell Street. It is the special place that our pioneer families and staff will always associate with the origin of our school. And now we are thrilled to move into our "forever home" at 7600 Goethe Street, just three blocks from the historic Field Street home of our namesakes, James and Grace Lee Boggs! We will be spending the time while our students are participating in at-home learning to get our building ready for their return. We will share photos soon!

Boggs School Special Board Meeting

The Boggs School Board will hold a special meeting Tuesday, September 1, at 6pm to address the adoption of a new management company. The log-in information is below:


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Meeting ID: 745 6652 7701

Passcode: 31HGxg


This meeting is open to the public.


Welcome Back!

Welcome to Year 8 at the James & Grace Lee Boggs School! We never imagined it would start this way (with at-home learning only), but being flexible and ready to adjust to any challenge is one of the most powerful skills a true "Solutionary" can have. So we are still learning and growing, even in these exceptionally challenging times. We look forward to seeing our students and families, settling into our new home at 7600 Goethe Street, and reconnecting with our community. We are wishing everyone well. As Grace Lee Boggs used to say, "What an amazing time to be alive."

August Board Meeting

Our August Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12, at 6:30pm. This meeting will be held virtually on the Zoom platform and is open to the public. See log-in information below:

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Meeting ID: 794 7224 3107

Passcode: Wv104X

At-Home Learning

The James and Grace Lee Boggs School staff and Board have decided, with the support of our school families, that the safest way to open our school this fall is with At-Home (virtual) Learning. We will reevaluate this plan throughout the fall and as public health considerations change. Our full plan will be posted later in the month. Thank you for your support!